Agents - Do you have clients who can't qualify for a loan? Do you have clients who can't qualify for a loan?

  • No SSN or ITIN? No problem!
  • Uncertain residency status? Recent immigrant?
  • Self-employed with inconsistent income?

Our Home Purchase Program turns those lost
opportunities into closed deals.

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ResiAmerica empowers home ownership.

We provide homebuying opportunities to qualified buyers with no SSN or ITIN.

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Memphis, Nashville, Las Vegas, and Orlando.

Join us and be part of our dynamic team shaping the development landscape across these thriving regions.

Our Philosophy:
Everyone Deserves a Home.

At ResiAmerica, we believe everyone deserves a path to homeownership. Our innovative program is designed to help agents close more deals and turn homeownership dreams into reality, even for clients who may not qualify for traditional loans.

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Close More Deals

Our program opens doors to homeownership for those often left behind, including recent immigrants, self-employed individuals, and those without traditional credit. We provide easy qualification, competitive cash offers, and a 15-year rent-to-own option.

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How does our home ownership program work?

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Approval in Minutes

  • No credit check needed
  • No SSN or ITIN required
  • 10% down payment & stable income
  • Complete application in our portal
Approve Clients

Go Home

  • Help your client select their dream home
  • Submit a CASH OFFER on the home with ResiAmerica as the buyer
  • Fast closing - as soon as 15 to 20 days
Approve Clients

Close and
get paid

  • You are paid commission at closing
  • Your client gets a long-term lease option for a fixed purchase price
  • Part of monthly payment goes toward the purchase balance
  • Your client can sell the home or renovate the home at any time
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Agent Partnership Program: Questions & Answers

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