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  • No SSN or ITIN? No problem!
  • Uncertain residency status? Recent immigrant?
  • Self-employed with inconsistent income?

Choose from any home on the market, move-in now
and lock in your purchase price for up to 15 years with a 10% deposit

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  • You have a 10% deposit saved
  • Stable income through business or job
  • No credit check needed
  • No SSN or ITIN required
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  • Choose from any home on the market
  • Work with us or your own agent to submit an offer. We buy the home with cash
  • 10% deposit gets you an exclusive right to purchase the home at a fixed price that doesn't change during your lease term
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You have 15 years
to pay for your home

  • We rent the home to you for up to 15 years
  • During the lease, you have an exclusive right to buy the home outright
  • Your purchase price is fixed for the duration of the lease - it does not change
  • Part of your rent payment goes toward the purchase price, if you choose
  • If you change your mind, any money paid toward the purchase price is refunded

ResiAmerica will help you obtain your dream home.

We provide homebuying opportunities to qualified buyers with no SSN or ITIN.

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Memphis, Nashville, Las Vegas, and Orlando

We help families in these cities, coming soon to others!

Every Family Deserves a
Home of Their Own

At ResiAmerica, we believe everyone deserves a path to homeownership. Our innovative program is designed to help turn homeownership dreams into reality, even for folks who may not qualify for traditional loans.

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Learn How It Works - Frequently Asked Questions

Our program is open to everyone, regardless of credit or immigration status! All we require is a minimum of 10% down and stable income. No SSN or ITIN required! Learn more by visiting our frequently asked questions.

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Questions about the Home Purchase Program?

What is the home purchase program?

Our program allows folks who can't overcome traditional mortgage hurdles buy a home. You choose from any home on the market and ResiAmerica will buy it with cash. Then, you pay a 10% deposit to lock in your price for 15 years with a lease option. Each month, part of your rent is applied towards the purchase price, ensuring your payments are an investment in your future. And if you decide not to proceed with the purchase, this money is refunded to you. This program empowers you with immediate control over your home, offering the flexibility to renovate, repair, or even sell the property during the lease period.

What is the approval criteria?

Savings for a deposit of at least 10%, a proven ability to afford the monthly payments, through savings or consistent income, such as a job or a business, and no disqualifications such as a violet criminal history. Importantly, our program is inclusive: we do not require applicants to have a Social Security number, ITIN, or US permanent residency, making it accessible to a wider range of aspiring homeowners.

What kind of home can I select? Will you help me to purchase it?

Our program primarily focuses on standard homes in suburban areas that blend well with their surroundings. While we do consider homes in rural areas on a case-by-case basis, these may necessitate a larger deposit. We do not finance mobile homes or properties within communities that impose rental or age restrictions.

You can work with any agent you would like or ResiAmerica can assist you to choose your home.

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Why Choose ResiAmerica?

ResiAmerica has been helping families achieve home ownership for many years. We will do everything we can to help you fulfill yours dreams. We do our best to make sure every deal is a "win-win".